jeudi 24 novembre 2016

Romantic landscapes of Felix Ziem at Pera Museum

Pera Museum’s “Félix Ziem: Wanderer on the Sea of Light” exhibition presents the works of one most original landscape painters of the 19th century: Félix Ziem.

The exhibition focuses on Ziem as an artist who left his mark on 19th century painting and who is mostly known for his paintings of Istanbul and Venice, where the city and the sea are intertwined. 

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Musée Ziem in Martigues, is curated by Lucienne Del’Furia and Frédéric Hitzel.

Ziem’s oil paintings stand out with their lively colors and the artist’s effort to capture the flickering effects of the continuously changing light by using a rapid and dynamic brush style. The exhibition illustrates the reasons why he was hailed as a forerunner of impressionism and as a pre-impressionist; his stylistic relationship with artists like Monet is quite evident. 

His drawings exemplify his creative process and present new angles into his work. They also encourage us to rediscover the city of Istanbul through his perspective.

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