samedi 12 novembre 2016

Mesotimolos waits to be discovered

Mesotimolos, an ancient city from the Lydian civilization located close to the Aegean province of Uşak’s Düzköy district, awaits archaeological excavations for its discovery. 

Home to rock houses and tombs, as well as human footprints marked on volcanic ruins, Mesotimolos will be unearthed during scientific researches and aims to attract history and nature tourism with its fairy chimney-like formations.  

Uşak Gov. Ahmet Okur said the region called the “castle area” was a significant destination historically and geographically.  

He said that in the valley surrounded with volcanic rocks, one could see rock-carved houses and tombs from Mesotimolos as well as the footprints of people who lived there thousands of years ago. 

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