jeudi 27 juillet 2017

Turkey launches ‘peaceful parks’ operation with 8,000 police officers across the country

Turkish police launched the “Turkey Peaceful Park” operation simultaneously across 81 provinces on July 23 with the participation of 7,968 police officers to “ensure the peace of citizens in the parks,” state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

The operation has seen the inspection of 4,382 parks, with identity checks on 44,508 people and 4,215 vehicles.  

Accordingly, public order police personnel have detained 110 people across the country, have banned 39 vehicles from the roads and have caught 10 sought vehicles. 

Security forces have imposed a total fine of 105,929 Turkish liras (around $30,000) on 226 people and 191 vehicles for punitive, administrative and traffic fine payments. 

Additionally, one illegal gun, three shotguns, seven bullets, 10 sharp objects, one blank cartridge pistol, two grams of heroin, 131 grams of hashish, 54 grams of bonsai, eight drug pills and 37 packages of smuggled cigarettes have been confiscated.

Some 39 detection dogs were reported to have assisted in the operations.
July/24/2017 hürriyet daily news

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