mercredi 14 décembre 2016

Centuries-old inscription unearthed in church in Turkey's Elazığ

Excavation works being conducted on the Kızıl Church, also known as the Virgin Mary Church, have unearthed a 165-year-old inscription.

According to information released by Elazığ Municipality, continuing surveying and resto-ration project works on the 19th-century Kızıl Church have unearthed an Armenian inscrip-tion dating back to 1851 that measures 80 by 53 centimeters.

Specialists are attempting to decipher the inscription, which will be taken under protec-tion at the Elazığ Museum before being placed back in the church after its restoration, the statement said.

The excavation works have also unearthed pillars, column bases, entrance gates, vaults and a number of decorative elements.

With the restoration work, the site’s historical structure will be revived and become a tourist attraction at the historical site of Harput north of Elazığ’s center, the statement said.

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